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David Daleiden of Center for Medical Progress's hearing in California has unearthed some disturbing news about Planned Parenthood. In a shocking twist, one of America's longest-standing abortionists took the stand in defense of Daleiden, and shared information that has shaken onlookers to the core. Planned Parenthood has altered their abortion methods in order to harvest intact baby hearts... by dissecting babies alive.  


Whenever their baby parts buyers request a heart, Planned Parenthood abortionists give an unsafe amount of Misoprostol to the mother. This induces a "tumultous" labor, forcing birth with powerful contractions. Baby hearts cannot be harvested if the baby is dead OR if there is anesthetic in the body. So, by default, if Planned Parenthood is selling baby hearts - they are cutting them out of the chests of live babies with no pain relief. 


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Click here to see the undercover videos that helped expose Planned Parenthood's dirty secrets. 

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